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5. 10-8 Lycopene was found to keep prostate and lung healthy, but do you know 1 million Kg of tomato contain only 1 Kg Lycopene. Can you eat 1 Kg tomato to get 1 mg Lycopene? Even you can eat 1 Kg tomato, can your digestion system extract the 1 mg Lycopene out from the bulk?
6. 10-9 Did you know gargling with olive oil or coconut oil or tea oil etc (once before sleep and once waking up) can help the gum health? Use DrSUSS Oral Tea helps too!
7. 10-16 Microbial worsen wounds therefore killing them wounds heal. Microbial cause teeth and gum to decay if they are killed both are healthy. I tried hydrogen peroxide goggled for few minutes for years and it worked, but watch out, do not swallow any!
8. 10-16 Dietary supplements are concentrated or rarely eaten foods needed to ease absorption by us especially those nutrients that our body can not produce naturally or those not in our daily foods or those need to take a large quantities!
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Take MegaCare for Healthier Eyes

MegaCare's Eye Food™ is an advanced dietary supplement that promotes eye health. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene are enhanced by a powerful herbal blend of Lycii, Lutein, Eyebright and Bilberry.

Eye Food features two carotenoids, Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin, which are essential nutrients found recently for eye health. Eye Food also features European Bilberry to help eye blood circulation

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Take MegaCare to have healthy Feet

Used by several thousands to get healthy feet to walk and run , DePurine is a new and improved formulation designed to reduce uric acid levels, restore body alkalinity.

Eating foods rich in purine (e.g., seafood, beans, red meat, alcoholic beverages) increases blood uric acid levels. Excess uric acid buildup in the joints crystallize leads to non healthy feet.

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and How Dietary Supplements Can Help

MegaCare Dietary Supplements Take Care, Take MegaCare

MegaCare offers a unique cast of dietary supplements that is supported by independent research studies and over ten years of client testimonials.

Our Customer Service Team is standing by to help you.

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MegaCare Dietary Supplements Get Healthy Now

The effectiveness of herbals is undeniable, with history dating back to Ancient China (The Divine Farmer's Herb-Root Classic, 神農本草經), India (The Sushruta Samhita), and Persia (The Cannon of Medicine, القانون في الطب). Compared to drugs, herbal action is in general gentler, slower, and safer.

MegaCare Dietary Supplements are of the highest quality and are not found in stores. MegaCare formulates and manufactures its products in-house in Las Vegas, NV, USA. MegaCare facilities are inspected by the Nevada State Health Division and the FDA.

Always consult your physician before taking dietary supplements. Like the common grapefruit, dietary supplements can interact with drugs. Dietary supplements are not miracle cures or silver bullets. Healthy living is a balance of nutrition, exercise, and spirit.

Take MegaCare for Healthier Joints

For healthier joints, take Joint-Lub, an advanced dietary supplement featuring Glucosamine and Chondroitin, natural nutrients of joint cartilage.

Our formulation also features Methylsulfonylmethane, an important sulfur supplement for arthritic joints. Shark and Bovine cartilage offer essential joint nutrients in holistic form. Boswellia and Alfalfa are traditional herbals with epidemiological evidence in relieving arthritis.

Take MegaCare for Healthy Weight Loss

MegaCare's MegaDiet Tea™ promotes digestive health for gentle, yet effective weight loss.

Senna Leaf and Buckthorn Bark, traditional herbal laxatives, are formulated with a supporting cast of 10 herbal ingredients which feature calming properties (Chamomile) and help combat the side effects of laxatives (Fennel Seed).

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Jenny C., Los Angeles, CA
October 18, 2009

"...I appreciate Mr. Tse’s patience in helping me understand how MegaCare products can help me.

"After I ordered and used Eye Food, about 2 weeks later, my eye problems really improved a lot. My eyes feel more comfortable and I am in a happier and better mood to do my work. Thank you very much for MegaCare’s Eye Food."

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