Have MegaCare supplements helped your quality of life? Please let us know!


Han Ying X.
Flushing , NY

I purchased 2 sets of Mega Memory combination pack for my husband to use since 9-3-2010. My husband followed your instruction to take these memory capsules everyday. Because of his age, he used to forget a lot of things and cannot sleep at night. After he took the Mega memory combination capsules until now, I can see a lot of improvement in his memory. Also he can sleep better at night too. I will recommand Mega Care’s memory combination set to all of my friends.

Jing L.
Seattle, WA

Dear Mr. Danny T., After taking Joint Lub for about 2 weeks ( 3 pills at Lunch and 3 pills at Dinner ). The joints on my knees are getting better. I don’t feel any more pain and I can walk upstairs and downstairs without any difficulty. I am so glad that I am no longer only confining myself downstairs in my house because of my knee problems. Now I still use Joint Lub everyday and will still keep on ordering.

Rowena C.
Manila, Phillipines

Good day! I am Rowena C. from the Philippines. This testimonial is based on my grandmother's experience upon using Megacare's Joint Lub. Her name is Maria Santiago, 79 years old from San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines. She is complaining of painful and a bit swollen knees. A family member gave her Megacare Joint Lub about a month ago. She's taking 2 to 3 capsules a day when she has discomfort in her knees. Megacare Joint Lub helped my grandmother, she said that it gives her 85% of less discomfort. The swollen has subsided and it lessens the pain in her knees. I would like to thank your company for making amazingly helpful medicine.

Ollila W.
Las Vegas, NV

I am Ollila W. and I was diagnosed with serious dry-eyes by my doctor.The symptons that I have is my eyes are super dry in day time, but as at night when I go to bed, just the opposite way, my eyes teared continuously.After I take Megacare's Eye Food for about 2 weeks ( 2 capsules per meal each day ), I feel my eyes are not as dry like before in day time and stop tearing at bed time.I strongly recommand Eye Food to people if they have the same symptons like me. I will use Eye Food as my regular eye supplement from now on. Thank you Megacare.

Wayne H.
Rochester, NY

I always have gout problems in my legs and my ankles are always swollen. I can hardly walk and it hurts so much. Thanks to MegaCare's Depurine, I took 3 capsules each meal, twice a day. After a week or so, my legs are no longer swollen and the pain is gone. I don't have to hobble around my house and suffer anymore. I would truly recommand MegaCare's Depurine to my friends.

Diane L.
Houston, TX

My husband had been suffering from gout for over 4 months and he is 68 years old.His big toes and ankles are always swollen and he has to endure a lot of pain. He can hardly sleep at night because of the severe pain and the worst part is the gout problem seems to migrate from one leg to the other. He had taken medications from his doctor and also tried different kinds of herbal supplements too, but nothing seems of any help to him. A miracle happened that one day I came accross Depurine from MegaCare's web-site and I purchased 2 bottles right away for my husband to try out. He followed the instruction taking 5 capsules per meal ( 3 times a day ), because of his serious conditions. After 3 weeks time, his gout problem improved tremendously, his legs are no longer swollen and the good news is that he can finally walk. Thank god he does not have to suffer from pain any more.Right now he still takes Depurine everyday in order to avoid his gout problem comes back. I am so thankful to MegaCare formulating such a good product--- Depurine. It really is a saviour for a lot of people suffering from gout. I will continue ordering.


Dickson L.
Irvine, CA

My family doctor told my wife that her blood sugar level was very high and prescribed her some medications.But those medications did not seem to help her a bit.Think of other alternatives, I purchased 6bottles of Blood Sugar Guard from MegaCare and asked my wife to take 1 capsule per meal, twice a day.To my surprise, after a month of taking Blood Sugar Guard, when she went back for her doctor's check up, her blood sugar level came back to be normal.Thank you so much for MegaCare's Blood Sugar Guard for helping my wife to maintain her normal blood sugar level. It is the daily supplement she has to take everyday now.

Linda F.
Leland, NC

I feel my eyes are always dry and I cannot sleep good at night. After taking MegaCare's Eye Food for about a month ( 1 capsule before each meal, 2 times a day ). I no-longer have the dry feeling in my eyes and I can sleep better at night time. Thank you for MegaCare's Eye Food.